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We get it you are not average…

You want to be more, you get annoyed with average, mediocre, and settling.

We get it, you’re right.

You were meant to make a dent in this world, nobody is you, and your catastrophic value is different than everyone else.

It’s a burden.

In fact, it’s a huge burden because if you don’t do anything who will.

Don’t give up on you.

You have a calling, a purpose bigger than yourself, you have everything the world needs.

In fact, we are starved for it, we are starved for something new, something that will change our lives and make them better, but you haven’t started.

Will you start?

We need you.

Welcome to Crush Average where we believe every person has amazing potential and catastrophic value. We write to inspire positive action, personal development, and crush average.

The purpose of Crush Average is to inspire personal development and create an environment of genuine leaders excited to serve others.
Your potential is our passion, but we can’t do it alone.