Average Development; Average Results

//Average Development; Average Results

Your development is making you average

You are not average, you have amazing potential to do some really awesome things.

You have one thing that no one else does, and that is being you.

Everyone has a desire to be productive, to be efficient, to be contributing on a high level (at first).

Consequently,  life happens.

So, how do you develop beyond that?

How do you develop beyond average?

The good news is it is not hard and you might even get in better shape, have better relationships, and meet new people.

5 steps to raise the average:

  1. Take the time and learn something new every day: Develop your mind every day because what you do daily becomes who you are.  Read a book, or newspaper article. Partner with a colleague to learn an aspect of their department.
  2. Create an environment where your colleagues and leaders contribute ideas: Develop your team into individuals of contributors.
  3. Create your own personal routine that supports crushing average: Create a routine, exercise your mental and physical as a result you will have more energy to deal with obstacles as they come.
  4. Spend time with loved ones: Nothing is more important than a healthy family lifestyle to enhance a healthy work lifestyle. Create a blocked off time to spend time with loved ones, as a result, you will be more present and active in the relationship.
  5. Find a Leadership peer/mentor: Forming and developing of relationships of people who support and enhance your goals of personal development. The people you surround yourself is critical to pushing you to the next level.

The crush average concept was built on experience watching our colleagues and ourselves struggle.

Personal Development is a way of life, personally and professionally, and one of the major cornerstones of building your catastrophic value.

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