What Value are you adding what bookmarks are you leaving for those after you..?

My wife asked me about CrushAverage and said:

How will you stand out, there are so many motivation/inspiration blogs out there?

I thought for a moment and then the words shot out…

..Because we have to…

I realizing that we are in a society that people are simply existing and not living.

We need to create and find value, that is more than what we have. We need to create more and elevate the status quo. 

We have an obligation to better those around us knowing what we know.

It isn’t enough to consume all the stuff our there and not do anything about it.

We have to act and better what is, to improve what is to come.

For too long, we have lived off the people who had a bigger idea than what was.  

For too long we have taken and not given.

My wife challenged me at my own passion…

and she was right, we have to do better.

We must create environments that create the future, larger than us, we have to think about those that will benefit far after we are gone…

To our children, to our friends, if today was your last day what would you contribute?

I don’t know about you but I’ve learned a lot in this life.

I’m not sure that I’ve helped enough people on the way, not sure if I’ve been able to serve enough people.

But, today is a new day and I’m not done. I know I can do more.

I know we all can do more.

What positive impact will you have today?

There comes a point when you have to ask yourself:

What Value are you adding?

What bookmarks are you leaving for those that will come?

What status quo are you breaking?

What solutions are you crushing to stop the mediocrity?

What value will you contribute that will positively improve those around you?

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