Your Catastrophic value is you.

See, I’ve been struggling with the whole idea of happiness lately.

I’ve found if you aren’t happy where you are or appreciate what you have that happiness seems to be on the other side of whatever you are working on.

It happens all the time.

I’ve heard myself say so many times: “When I get that promotion everything will change….” Or “it will get better and I’ll start doing X after I…(you fill the blank…)”

Have you ever said something like this?

Here’s the truth:

If happiness is on the other side of something, instead of within you, will limit our lives…

Appreciate the now.

So, what are you amazing at?

What do others come to you for?

What’s that thing that you can do that brings ultimate impact to any situation?

I’ve got a HUGE realization for you, and it’s something that deep down you know.

You have a catastrophic value to share It’s catastrophic because if you’re not recognizing it and sharing it, the world is doomed for not hearing it.

Your value can change and transform people’s lives forever. To be better than they ever knew was possible…..and you are single handily holding us back.

When you aren’t sharing your gift and allowing yourself to help others through you, you hold back the world from recognizing your value and benefiting from it.

We have a moral obligation to help; we have a moral obligation to help others when we have that knowledge. No one is you, and no one can be you.

You are uniquely made, and you have something so wonderful to offer that you can’t let it go. Share your value and help others. Be More. Do More. Better Than You Yesterday.

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