Development is an every day thing

//Development is an every day thing

Development is something I think a lot about because I’m not perfect.

In fact, I’m far from it.

If you’re not developing every day then where are you going?

You can’t expect to get better if you aren’t doing anything different to get different results.

Do you ever feel like by the time you need to have the skills the moment is already there?

It’s always easier to get things done over time. More often than not, we use the last push of pressure to produce instead of what we need to develop.

I remember in school waiting until the night before a project was due or studying days instead of weeks before a test.

Does this ever happen to you?

We condition ourselves for it, and depending on the outcome we either do it again or have enough of a reason to change this.

I decided to start changing this some time ago with personal development, and it has changed my life.

I was tired of rushing around at the last minute to get skills I needed only not to develop them for the long term.

Most of us know this, digging even deeper I think many haven’t plainly laid out what it is they want.

We want to be high performers, want to be better friends, want to be better spouses. We want to be all these things, but we get to “busy”.

It’s easy to fit in, do what others do when we don’t know what we want.

When we are aware the reason we do what we do the STUFF that we seek approval for goes away. Suddenly decisions are easy to make, friends are easy to talk to, work gets easier to go to. Life opens up opportunities that were there the whole time.

Your “why” will be different from everyone else’s.

So what is your why?

What are you developing to get you closer to living that?

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