Failure is Good For Your Growth and Development

//Failure is Good For Your Growth and Development

Failure is Good

I heard a great quote that said:

“You cannot accomplish anything important without the possibility of failure”

As I thought about it I got concerned.

Many people are afraid to step out of their comfort zone and give in to the possibility that you will fail.

You will fail!

Make it spectacular!

Failure is awesome!

Have you ever failed in life or professionally, and when faced with that same situation later in life you have the experience and motivation to do the right thing?

This is what failure can teach us.

The difference between the individuals who create value and crush average are those who can find the goodness in failing. Too many people take failure as the end all, be all and a cue to stop acting on their gut. They stop trusting what got them their success in the first place, and as a result, those who fall under their leadership umbrella suffer as well.

Why do we continue to judge ourselves on intention (even when we come up short) and others on actions?

When in reality growth can only come from the outcome of not achieving what your goal was, and re-purposing that outcome into a lesson or wisdom for your future self and those around you.

“When you lose, don’t lose the lesson”

Personal development is vital for leaders, but it is also more important for your employees to feel safe. Too often we as a community have seen the people who limit themselves by not stepping out of their safe comfort zone and attempting to achieve something of great value. The catch is that these achievements of great value are intended to be difficult and you have to be prepared to deal with difficulties that come with them. This is how you create catastrophic value and crush average.

Failing is a disappointment, failing is uncomfortable, but it is also an opportunity to grow, to learn, to become stronger. You have not only accept the fact that you can fail but that you will fail. Once this is part of you, you can begin to focus on how you can grow. Once you grow, you become knowledgeable, once you become knowledgeable you become stronger in dealing with all situations. From that point forward you can share that experience with those around you.

I will leave you with this quote…

“You never know what great things of consequence you can accomplish until you try to do something that is more”

Here’s another good read on failure by Tony Robbins.

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