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Crush Average is about Impact

Welcome to Crush Average where we believe you were meant to make a big impact on our world.

Crush Average starts with owning your personal development plan.

The purpose of Crush Average is to inspire personal development and create an environment of genuine leaders excited to serve others.

Your potential is our passion, but we can’t do it alone.

You have complete control over the life that you can have.

You aren’t bound to the one that you are living, but, it does require changing doing what you are doing to get a different outcome.

If it isn’t what you want, then change it. If you aren’t where you want to be, then create a new way. There are no limits to where you can go and what you can accomplish, the differentiator is you, no one else is you or will be you.

The time is perfect for you, you’ve got this.

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Latest Content

1812, 2017

The Alternative to Now is What you did Before

By | December 18th, 2017|Mindset Posts, Uncategorized|

3 min readThe alternative of where you are now is what you were doing. What's going to matter is you looking back and realizing one of two things I'm happy with where I'm at because of what I did or I should've done this I should've done that and live with the regret.

2011, 2017

Failure is Good For Your Growth and Development

By | November 20th, 2017|Failure|

2 min readThe difference between the individuals who create value and crush average are those who can find the goodness in failing. Too many people take failure as the end all, be all and a cue to stop acting on their gut. They stop trusting what got them their success in the first place, and as a result, those who fall under their leadership umbrella suffer as well.

1311, 2017

Leave value bookmarks for others to find

By | November 13th, 2017|Value|

What Value are you adding what bookmarks are you leaving for those after you..?

My wife asked me about CrushAverage and said:

How will you stand out, there are so many motivation/inspiration blogs out there?

I thought for a moment and then the words shot out…

..Because we have to…

I realizing that we are in a society that people are simply existing and not living.

We need to create and find value, that is more than what we have. We need to create more […]