Reflect on your Past; Develop your Future

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Reflect on your Past; Develop your Future

Reflection and Gratitude are powerful.

Taking the time to reflect on how far you have come and looking at all you have accomplished is essential to development.

Brendon Burchard outlines how important reflection and gratitude are in his book High Performance Habits you can read some excerpts here.

Let’s test this…

Take a time frame. A day. A week. A month. A Year.

Then take the time to sit down and reflect on that period of time. Go through old documents, emails, correspondences, writing, notes, re-read the books you had at that time.

Did you make an impact on yourself and those around you?

Have you left things better than where you found them?

What was your impact?

Imagine if we got intentional with growth.

Many times we are scared of failure, but by not growing we are remaining the same.

You would become, unstoppable!

We are individuals of drive, resourcefulness, and goals.

Continue to question, continue to hone your skills……

continue to seek out new opportunities……

If you can achieve everything you have so far without any direction or roadmap where does that put you now with all of those things that you have now.

Reflect on your Past; Develop your Future

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