Struggles are the building blocks of Progress

In fact, I’ve found, you can even learn to appreciate struggles along the way when it is associated with progress and development.

Have you ever walked a fun mile, run a 5k, 10k, half, or marathon?

Or maybe you are one of those extreme Ultramarathon people.

Towards the end of any race, I find myself picking up the pace and encouraging people along the way. I start noticing people looking deflated and they are so close to the finish. They are concentrating on the pain, the hurt, what’s going on in the moment instead of thinking about being so close to the end, or closer to the end with every step.

One step after starting is one step closer to the finish.

Why wait until the middle or end to encourage, motivate, collaborate, and push?

Is it because the finish line is in our sight?

That enough of the hard “stuff” has passed so we can start helping others?

I think it is because:

There is a measurable end, and we know we will get there.

This is true in every environment.

See, you have to prepare for the hard stuff, know that struggle is part of progress. Knowing this we can accept the struggles beforehand and start with a completely new mindset.

It would be illogical to think that you could go out and compete in the Olympics or play a professional sport without any training or practice, but isn’t this how we approach our life sometimes?

In work or at home we assume we can have mastery without the struggles or hard work, we want that instant satisfaction. It’s humbling to accept that development and progress take time, and there will be struggles.

It is far easier to appreciate the struggles when you have a clear end goal and path that you are striving for. If every action is aligned with your development path you can appreciate the struggle knowing that it is building and preparing you for the progress ahead.

What will you associate your struggles with?

Take an inventory of where you are going in every facet of your life. Write down your objectives and see if your actions are getting you closer to those goals. Sometimes the wrong type of struggle reveals that we’re focusing on the wrong things.


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