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Transformation takes time.

We live in a “right now” time, where things are given to us in an instant, so we want
transformation now, but, transformation takes time.

Transformation takes going through certain experiences to finally see a difference. Breaking through the things that we have done to get to the other side.

Building routines is a great step towards transformation.

Do you reflect on where you were yesterday?

Keeping a journal is a great way of tracking where you were yesterday. We recommend theĀ DayOne App to journal and love the interface and simplicity.

If we’re not checking back in with ourselves we can’t know where we were and if we are on track. We simply wake up and take the day as it comes; instead of actively having a role in the way the day goes.

Inevitably, the day is going to happen, in-fact, this year is going to happen regardless if we do anything different. There’s going to be things that happen that we can’t plan for. We have to know what we want to get accomplished today, in order to get closer to that tomorrow.

It’s amazing how many people come into the day with plenty to do on their mind and their reactive and spend the days not completing what they want/need to finish.

At the end of every day we need to ask:

  1. What did we accomplish today?
  2. What do we want to accomplish tomorrow

When we sit down in the mornings at our desk or wherever we work we need to say:

  1. What is that one thing that I need to get done no matter what today?

The book the one thing (which I highly recommend) talks about this concept of getting to the next level in your life and your goals whatever it is by only concentrating on one thing at a time.

The book points out that multitasking has hindered us from real productivity. It points out that when you do two things at once you are then giving at most 50/50 to both. When you give 50/50 to both you’re doing average work.

And let’s consolidate that thought a little bit more:

You can’t give 100% to more than one thing.

In order to be productive, in order to really level-up you have to concentrate 100% of your time to that goal you are trying to reach. I’m fascinated that time blocking is this amazing concept that few do.

We do it when we really want to get something done.

We block time before a vacation to get the most important things done so we don’t have to worry about them on vacation. When we have a project at the house or when we have a very important thing that we want to get done something to study for something, etc.

Whenever we had something important enough we make the time to do it so why don’t we do it in the things that could add even more value to our lives?

Why aren’t we leveling up every day?

Why aren’t we seeing results on a daily basis?

Here is the interesting part, we measure ourselves based on theĀ intent of getting a task done, but we judge each other on the outcome and results.

What if we tracked and measured ourselves on the results, not the intent?

Many times we think we are getting closer to what we want because we work on 100 little things, instead of committing to one huge step to reach the next level.

It is also finding the “right” things to focus on, consistently, to begin to transform.

Not only focusing on “one thing” but the “right one thing” to get you closer to wherever you want to be.

Transformation happens when we consistently focus on those things, and reflect on where we have been.

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