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You are meant to impact this world.

Your impact will be different because it is you and you are unique.

Nobody can be you. Nobody is you.

It’s a burden.

In fact, it’s a huge burden because if you don’t do anything who will.

Our world needs people who want to make a positive impact, who want to change the status quo and move further than where we are.

There is something out there that you are meant to do.

Do you ever feel like something is easier for you than anyone else?

Do you ever feel called to do something more, something greater, like someone or something is pushing you to get out there?

What are you developing to make our lives better, to make our world better.

You have developed skills or thoughts to cure exactly what the world needs.

What if the great minds in history just stopped at “okay” or “mediocre”.

If Einstein took an average position and retired without questioning the “facts” of the time.

What if they gave up on themselves?

What if they stopped developing?

Don’t give up on you because we need you.

You have so much more to do in your life.

Today you can start making an impact.

Today you can start serving others while changing the world.

You have a calling, a purpose bigger than yourself

Don’t be average and not do anything, change the world and be you.

You are meant for something big; you are meant to make a dent in this world.

Sometimes we think everyone else is in the right position,  but, you have everything the world needs.

In fact, we are starved for it, something that will change our lives and make them better, but you haven’t started.

Will you start?

We need you.

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